​Air Services Agreements

​The CCAA plays an instrumental role in the negotiation of Air Services Agreements (ASAs) with foreign countries.

Curaçao, through the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is a party to over seventy ASA’s, a number of which are not yet formally ratified but apply on a provisional basis by means of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The Curaçao government is promoting additional ASA negotiations, to broaden opportunities for foreign and Curaçao-registered airlines to expand their route network.

Click here to read how to consider Curaçao’s Bilateral Air Services Agreements in a constitutional context.

Curacao’s ASA strategy is aimed at a durable improvement of the island’s international connectivity. In the section below, an overview is presented of the ASA’s that apply to Curacao. The overview is dynamic and is updated any time new ASA’s are negotiated and existing ASA’s are amended.

Curacao’s Bilateral Air Services Agreements in a constitutional context 

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