On the Authority's mandate to advance the safety and viability of Curaçao's civil aviation and space sectors

The Civil Aviation Authority of Curaçao aims at satisfying the requirements, both domestic and international, for an effective and reliable aviation oversight system.

Toward an Effective Aviation Administration

The CCAA will make it its highest priority to address and remedy the findings by ICAO and FAA respectively. To succeed in its mission, the CCAA identifies the following critical success factors:

  • A modernized legislative and regulatory framework
  • Standardized processes as required by legislation
  • Process-based organizational structures
  • From integral oversight to Risk-based approaches to safety and security oversight
  • Highly qualified personnel
  • Partnership approaches to safety and security management


As a result, these processes:

  • Establish the regulator as an autonomous and cost-effective authority;
  • Strengthen its workforce capabilities, leadership and industry knowledge;
  • Achieve operational excellence through improved processes and innovation;
  • Ensure high compliance with aviation safety standards through effective oversight; and
  • Facilitate orderly and sustainable development of air transport to, from and via Curaçao
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