Air Traffic Controller Licence

Licence introduction

Air Traffic Controller Licence, Categories and Ratings


    • Student Air Traffic Controller
    • Air Traffic Controller Licence
    • Air Traffic Controller Ratings
    • Designated ATCO Examiners
    • Requirements and Skills Test
    • Minimum Experience Requirements
    • Designated ATCO Instructor
    • Requirements and Skills Test
    • Minimum Experience Requirements
    • All requirements, prerequisites and relevant information about pilot licences can be found in the Curaçao Civil Aviation Regulations (CCAR) Part 2 Personnel Licensing. Click here for CCAR Part 2

Additional Documentation

    • A properly completed Air Traffic Controller License Application form PEL-017
    • In case of renewal, the applicable licence
    • A knowledge test report (if applicable)
    • Assessment report
    • Notice of Denial (if applicable)
    • Letter of Discontinuance (if applicable)
    • Graduation certificate
    • Copy of applicant’s official Government issued identification
    • Verification of authenticity of foreign license (if applicable)
    • A proficiency check results
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What to Expect

    • Application for renewal for Air Traffic Controller Licence should be made no less than 15 days before the expiration of the license.